Side Trip 28 – KCCC Panel – Podcasting Predicaments

Last month we had the opportunity to join in on a panel at Kansas City Comic Con with the hosts of A Gal & A Gay podcast. Mitch & Kat (or as they are also known, Mick and Kitty) invited us to record a live podcast. We discussed everything from podcasting to Doctor Who and even talked a little bit about Star Wars along the way.

A big thank you to A Gal & A Gay podcast for hosting the panel and to Kansas City Comic Con for having us be part of their convention.

You can find A Gal & A Gay podcast here.


Side Trip 27 – Chicago TARDIS Report

Last month, long-time listener, friend-of-the-show and now correspondent Kirk Chritton and his family went to Chicago TARDIS over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. And Kirk was kind enough to file this report for us, and our listeners about their experiences at the convention.

Our apologies to Kirk for the delay in getting this out on the feed. But, hopefully this will be just the first of several surprises and specials leading up to Christmas.


Episode 360 – Apologizing for the Present

“The future foretold, the past explained, the present apologised for.” 

In this week’s episode, we return to the classic TV series with a Fourth Doctor and Romana II adventure. We review The Creature from the Pit. Find out what we think of this often maligned story.

Also, we look at some news, including wardrobe talk, but perhaps, not the kind you are thinking.


Episode 359 – History In Context

This week on the podcast we look at Big Finish #99 Son Of The Dragon, featuring the Fifth Doctor, Peri and Erimem. Also, we catch up with Titan Comics 12th Doctor Year Three issues #1-4.

A light news week, but we give our reactions to what’s new.

And, of course, your feedback,


  • As mentioned in this episode, Shaun took part in a Four Points Film Project a few weeks back and our film “Course Correction” has been chosen from 129 short films submitted worldwide to be one of 16 finalists for an online Audience Choice Award. These are films that were made inside of 77 hours from a set of provided criteria.
  • Wanna help us WIN that Audience Choice Award? 1) VOTE for us: It takes less than 15 seconds, no registration required. Once you click, choose “Berkeley Square – Course Correction” and click SUBMIT. That’s it! The link to watch all 16 films is If you do not want to spend TWO HOURS watching the other films, then just vote for “Berkeley Square – Course Correction” 2) Then, spread the word and ask all your friends to vote for our film! Voting ends December 10th at 8pm Pacific Time.
  • THANK YOU!!!

Episode 358 – Hoophere’s Death?

This week a mixed bag as we review Big Finish #94 ID and Urgent Calls, both featuring the Sixth Doctor. Then it’s on to Titan Comics 11th Doctor Year 3 with issues 6 through 9 and 11.   Hear our thoughts on the audio play and the continuing comics series.

Also, we look at some news including a special bit about Tom Baker returning in costume as the Fourth Doctor.

And, of course, your feedback.


Link(s) mentioned in the show:

RadioTimes article about the TRUE color of Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor costume.

Episode 357 – Triangle of the Dead

We return to the “Brigverse” (or “Expanded UNITverse” as suggested this week) with a review of Candy Jar Book’s Lethbridge-Stewart: The Dreamer’s Lament by Benjamin Burford-Jones. Hear our thoughts on the most recent story in the series.

Also, we chat about news, including the recently released clip from Twice Upon A Time that was screened on this year’s Children in Need Special in the UK.

And, of course, your feedback.



Episode 356 – Fashion Sense

This week we finish off the saga of Excelis and give our thoughts on the overall arc with our review of Bernice Summerfield and Iris Wildthyme in Big Finish audio, The Plague Herds of Excelis. 

Plus fashion and blue box exteriors take center stage as we discuss the news of the week.




A Gal & a Gay Podcast

Episode 355 – Der Kommissar’s In Town

In this week’s podcast we revisit the planet Artaris for two more parts of the Excelis Saga. First it’s the Sixth Doctor in Excelis Rising. Then we join the Seventh Doctor for Excelis Decays. Find out what we thought of these next two chapters of the story by Big Finish.

And some sad news to report this week with two great losses for Doctor Who fandom.

Plus, your feedback.


Link(s) mentioned in this show:

Candy Jar Books’ Lethbridge-Stewart website

“What If John Carpenter Did a Doctor Who Theme.”

Episode 354 – A Man Down

A short episode this week, and one host shy of a full crew, Keith and Glenn discuss the Candy Jar Books novel – Lethbridge-Stewart: The Daughters of Earth by Sarah Groenewegen. Find out what we thought of this installment in the “Brig-verse”.

And we examine two short stories, The Two Brigadiers by Jonathan Macho and The Cruel Oil by Harry Draper.


Also, we look at some news from the week.

And, we dip into the Goodreads Traveling the Vortex Book Club forum for a look at a review from Time Lord Ben.


Episode 353 – Time Eddy III – The Final Chapter

In this week’s episode we talk about our adventures at Time Eddy III, which is the third year for the Wichita area Doctor Who convention. We discuss the con and recount some stories from our three days of fun.

Also, we chat about the recent casting announcements for Series 11.

And of course, your feedback.



Episode 352 – A Real Wildthyme

In this week’s episode of the podcast, we prepare for our Time Eddy III panel featuring the lovely Katy Manning by listening to, not one, but two Iris Wildthyme adventures from Big Finish. First, it’s the beginning to the Excelis story arc.Excelis Dawns, also featuring the Fifth Doctor. Then we head to the Main Range title, The Wormery, with Iris joining the Sixth Doctor for an adventure. Hear our reviews of both of these audios.

Also, the news of the week.

And, of course, your feedback.


The Midnight Schedule Is Close At Hand * UPDATED *

Busy Busy Busy this week as we run up to Time Eddy III. If you are new the proceedings, thanks for joining us, here’s a breakdown of what’s on tap for the podcast if you want to follow along:

Our weekly Doctor Who watch along Friday Night Who selection on 10/20 is “An Unearthly Child” (but of course a reminder that due to con commitments we may not actually be present for it. If not, just push play at 10:30 without us! 

TTV #353 – The Trilogy Concludes, as we bring you all the news fit to print, talk, and rave about Time Eddy III. 

FNW 10/27 our Halloween offering this year features Tom Baker vs the Great Vampires in “State of Decay”

TTV #354 – It’s been too long since we last checked in on the Brig-Verse, so it’s past time for some book reviews! We’ll offer up thoughts on The Two Brigadiers by Jonathan Macho, Lethbridge-Stewart: Daughters of Earth by Sarah Groenewegen, and The Cruel Oil by Harry Draper.  

Colin Baker falls into a “Twin Dilemma” on 11/3 Friday Night Who.

Continuing where we left off on Excelis, TTV #355 will have our thoughts on Big Finish’s “Excelis Rising” and “Excelis Decays”. 

FNW 11/10 is the first three parts of the third Doctor story “The Sea Devils”.

And we’ll finish off the saga of Excelis and give our thoughts on the over all arc in TTV #356 with Bernice Summerfield in “The Plague Herds Of Excelis”. 

FNW 11/17 finishes off “The Sea Devils” with Parts 4-6. 

Back to the books in TTV #357 with a look at Lethbridge-Stewart: The Dreamer’s Lament by Benjamin Burford-Jones. 

Matt Smith comes back to FNW on 11/24 in “The Rings Of Akhaten”.

A mixed bag this week for TTV #358 as we review Big Finish #94 “Id/Urgent Calls”, and pending the outcome of this year’s Lost Dimension crossover event, Titan Comics 11th Doctor Season 3 issues #6-10. Very subject to change here.  

FNW on 12/1 is the always near the top of the list rated “Caves Of Androzani” with Peter Davison.

TTV #359 has us look at Big Finish #99 “Son Of The Dragon”, and Titan Comics 12th Doctor Season 3 issues #1-5. 

A brand new one this week for Friday Night Who on 12/8! “The Creature From The Pit” with Tom Baker. 

and we’ll offer up our thoughts on that story in TTV #360. 

Pertwee returns to FNW on 12/15 in “The Curse Of Peladon” 

We’ll review the Brig-Verse novella The Flaming Soldier by Christopher Bryant in TTV #361.

Hope you picked up your bluray or DVD copies of Series 10, as we’ll do a recap of the finale “World Enough and Time / The Doctor Falls” for Friday Night Who on 12/22… 

…and then it will be time to say goodbye to Peter Capaldi in TTV #362 as we discuss his swan song and the arrival of Jodi Whitaker in the Christmas special “Twice Upon A Time” 

Wouldn’t be Christmas without a proper Christmas Who, so even though it’s a week late, our last Friday Night Who of the year (12/29) will be “The Runaway Bride” with David Tennant.

TTV #363 will bring on The Havoc Files 4 collection of short stories from Candy Jar Books and the Brig-Verse.

Beyond that? 2018. 

Episode 351 – Wrong With Authority

Britbox has finally released its reconstructed version of the Second Doctor story, The Wheel In Space featuring Jamie and introducing Zoe. So, we take this opportunity to discuss the story and talk about our impressions of the reconstruction as well.

Also, some news of the week, including Christmas Special news, Big Finish news and more.

And, of course, your feedback.


Episode 350 – Pledge Drive!

This is the one we’ve been threaten… er… promising for years. Here is the one where we ask for your continuing support financially. This is our special pledge drive edition of the podcast. Please consider giving if you can.

Also, a special sneak peek, of the upcoming Lethbridge-Stewart spin-off novel, The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: Avatars of the Intelligence, courtesy of our friends at Candy Jar Books. We tell you what you can expect from the novel written by Sue Hampton.

And, of course… COMMENTS!


Links mentioned in the show:

Candy Jar Books – Lucy Wilson preorder and other upcoming books

Time Eddy III – Information and ticket sales

The Five(ish) Fangirls Podcast – 31 Days of Wholloween and other details

Episode 349 – Harry Sullivan is a Genius!

In this week’s episode, we review Big Finish Main Range story #92 Nocturne with Seven, Ace and Hex, plus a look at Titan Comics 9th Doctor issues #6-10.

Plus, a look at several news items this week.