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  • Scott from Philadelphia

    Let’s NOT Timewarp Again!!

    HI Kansas Krew!! I’ve been hit with bad timing; I was too late to write last week for the Trial of a Timelord (TOAT) wrapup, and as I type this, in less than 18 hours we’ll find out who’s the new Doctor!! That news makes TOAT feel increasingly less important, but I want to follow this all the way through. I’ve even avoided hearing your latest podcast until I can get this out.

    I have another 3 points about Mindwarp after seeing it again from start to finish for the 1st time in years: 1. There were major story parts and even characters I forgot (didn’t help) 2. this is still my most disliked story (or chapter in a story) I’ve ever watched, BUT 3. I see how this had the potential of being 1 of the all time great cliffhangers ever, but blew it!!

    I watched Mindwarp back to back with The Ultimate Foe, to better get into a cliffhanger feel. In many ways it compares very well with 1 of the best cliffhangers in history, Star Trek: TNG’s “Best of Both Worlds”! In the last minutes both have major characters (who happen to be bald) becoming possessed by aliens, a last second, desperate charge to defeat the villain that will likely result in that possessed character’s death, and the show ending at the last possible second! Next Gen got it right, TOAT does the worst possible thing,resolving the cliffhanger away in quick exposition at the end. No Peri, no goodbyes, no payoff AT ALL!! As Charlie Brown said, AAARRRRRGGHHH!!!!!! They pulled the football away!!

    As a whole, Trial stands as poor Colin’s typical type of tv story, some good ideas ruined by sloppy or lazy writing. If I could redo the season, I would have 3 seperate stories. Mysterious Planet would stand on it’s own, Trial would be a 6 part story, with Mindwarp shrunk and worked into it, like “Inferno”! Imagine if we knew nothing about a trial; at the end of the 2nd episode we see bald possessed Peri, the Doctor running to save her, and then ZAP!!! He’s pulled into a trial for his life!! His only way to save Peri is to get back to her at the moment he left, and the Timelords will only do that if he wins! As distracting as that would be, he’s later forced to have his own barrister, The Master!! He is the Timelord who knows the Doctor best, and his incentive being the Timelords will grant him more lives if he wins (and why do the Timelords keep bringing the Doctor and The Master together?) – – – I’m tangenting into my own story!! Hahaha!! So,it’s the Doctor and the Master vs. The Valeyard!! For the last part we wrap up the trial, all the villains get away, the Timelords send the Doctor back, Peri is saved, and we SEE IT! She’s tired of almost dying or getting transformed and just wants to be left in peace, Yrcanos promises to look after her as long as she wants to stay, everyone has their goodbyes, The End!! The last story is completely new and introduces Mel properly as a main character, instead of expositioning her into Doctor Who and treating her badly right from the start.

    OK!! Now we can all get back to staring at the clock!! Will you guys get the news at noon? That would be perfect! (Noon=12) Take care!!!

  • Scott from Philadelphia

    Hi Kansas Krew!! And the good news keeps on coming!! When we 1st heard about the 3D presentation, I thought it would be only in the UK, and even when they said it would be rolled out in other countries, it would just be New York, L.A., and maybe Chicago, but NEVER this HUGE!!

    I’m trying to decide where and when I’m going. I was thinking on the 23rd, but then I heard about the 2nd day, the following Monday, and since I have the vacation time, maybe take off all Thanksgiving week and seeing it then. Is there any news on when “Adventures in Time and Space” is going out? If it is that Saturday that’s another reason to wait. Have you heard that we in the States are getting a behind the scenes doc immediately after ‘Day of the Doctor’, NOT to be seen in the UK theaters? We win again!! Hahaha!!

    All of this has inspired me to write a song parody!! I would be honored if Sean would do the vocals. It’s set to the tune of a well known Led Zepplin song:

    Doctor Days are here again, as the autumn evenings grow,
    We have Ten and Eee-lev-en, number Nine didn’t show.

    Aww it’s okay, he’d get in the way, and John Hurt now has a part.
    In the Tardis, or in Cardiff, what’s the way it should start?

    Crazy fans are everywhere, in the way they’re wearing their clothes,
    Long scarves, capes, and furry coats, all ties tied into bows.

    Aww it’s okay, this is their day, check the itune charts,
    From Topeka, to Costa Rica, it warms the Doctor’s hearts.

    Glenn gave a very persuasive reason to buy the 2 stories from itunes, and I just might get them sometime during that weekend. I don’t need to compete for the vinyl figures, I have the Collector’s gene already and don’t need another obsession! LOL!!

    I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s plans and predictions!! Take care and let’s get November here already!!

    p.s. “Kashmir” is about Doctor Who, I don’t care what anyone says!!