Privacy Policy/TOS

Privacy Policy

(“Traveling the Vortex, “we”)  is committed to transparency in our efforts to provide the upmost protection of privacy. We reserve the right to change, update, add or remove provisions from this policy at any time, and any such update will go into effect immediately. It is your responsibility as a user to review this privacy policy. Use of this site and its various services is indication you agree to all of these terms.  Security measures are in place to protect any information you provide to TTV, including passwords and encryption.

What Info We Collect and our Third Party Usage

Automatically our servers record IP addresses and domains for computers visiting.  Our third parties that may be implemented with the site may also gather anonymous internet traffic data in coordination with these such companies, such as Google AdWords. This information is not personally identifiable.  Use of Facebook commenting system is subject to Facebook’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.  We may use cookies to improve experience, however they do not require any  use of personally identifiable information.

We never will knowlingly save information from individuals under the age of 13.  We will never disclose personal information of any user unless required so by a legal process or under extreme circumstances to protect the safety of public and/or users of this site or to defend the property of TTV.

All content posted on TTV is protected by all applicable laws.  No warranty is implied for any service provided.