About Us

The Traveling The Vortex premise was simple: What if two friends could introduce a third to the Doctor for the first time, and document those experiences via a podcast, allowing the rest of fandom a chance to view their beloved WHO through a fresh set of eyes? This was the brainchild of life long Doctor Who fan Glenn Bartlett, who invited friend Shaun Collins along for the ride. The two quickly set out to find an unwitting victim for their mad experiment, not unlike Dr. Frankenstein and Igor trolling the cemeteries for fresh meat.is

They found Keith Miles, sci-fi fan, fellow friend and time travel nut, who had more than a passing interest in Doctor Who, but had never watched. Fiendishly laughing, they strapped the “Clockwork Orange” headgear on the newbie, and subjected him to Matt Smith.

Not surprisingly, Keith came back for more.

For almost six years and nearly 300 episodes, they “travel the vortex” making different stops with different Doctors, frequently tangenting across the rest of fandom along the way. They also host a weekly “tweet-a-long” to a different Doctor Who episode every Friday at midnight, CST called “Friday Night Who”, and encourage folks to join in.

The podcast can be found on www.travelingthevortex.com, and iTunes. They can be found at their website, Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, their Spread Shirt Shop, a book club on Goodreads and their YouTube channel.


Glenn Bartlett is a life long Doctor Who fan, Disneyphile, comic enthusiast, and Star Wars guru. By day he is a father, by evening, a producer for a local newscast. By night he prowls the internet.

Shaun Collins is an award winning writer and filmmaker. The Star Trek geek of the trio, he’s the assistant manger of a video store and attends school at Washburn University for his mass media degree.

Keith Miles is the WHO newbie of the group, (can we still call him that after nearly 300 episodes?) but outshines them both in time travel and science fiction. He also works with Glenn as a news producer, and is on a never-ending quest to find the perfect bookshelf.

——Other interests: Comic Books, Firefly, Lost, The MCU, James Bond, Muppets, The Venture Brothers, Big Bang Theory, Star Wars, Star Trek, Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, Coffee, Rock Band, Halo, Left 4 Dead, Zombies, making short films, Ghostbusters, Back To The Future, Indiana Jones…