Episode 310 – Supernanny

A little late this week. Sorry for the delay.

In this week’s show we look at the return of Doctor Who on our television screens with the 2016 Christmas Special – The Return of Doctor Mysterio. Find out what we thought of this long-awaited episode.

Plus, we look at some of the news from the past week.




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  • Scott Boswell

    Hello Kansas Krew, and Happy 2017!! I can’t say enough how glad I am 2016 is dead and gone! I went out the 1st time in years on NYE, just to celebrate it. The first song they played for 2017 was Let’s Dance by David Bowie, and the last was Freedom (’90) by George Michael, and it fed my spirit!

    Speaking of spirits, while I was out, I realized something so clever (at least to me) about this year’s Christmas story. I’ve heard about a tradition in the UK of telling ghost stories during the holidays, because of A Christmas Carol, I don’t know. I do know Mark Gatiss has written a few ghost stories for the BBC and there are some that get repeated very year. Moffat, being Moffat, did something different, using ‘ghost’ in 3 different ways. #1 was the name of the jewel that gave the kid his powers, #2 was his heroic name (Ghost), and 3 was something different, but kind of sweet, The Doctor being ‘haunted’ by his last night with River, with Nardole there to drive that point home.

    I had expected you guy would have loved this story as much as I did! I It was just FUN! I loved all the tropes, especially how a reporter as sharp as Lucy couldn’t figure out who the Ghost was, even with the Doctor’s ‘hints’. Even the New York where the story took place had a comic book feel. And didn’t the evil alien doctor have a slightly European accent? The “Squeeze Toy of Truth” was bizarre, but I liked it! It was all what I was expecting, but a little bit more.

    Anyway, to each his own. I am curious to know what you think about the end to “Power of the Daleks”, did anyone see the colorized version Christmas morning? Take care.

    Scott from Philly