Episode 18 – Moon River

Minds thoroughly blown this week, we attempt to review this week’s episode of Doctor Who – Day of the Moon. We’ll explore some wild theories about the time team (some may come true) and share our reaction to the incredible two-parter as a whole.

Also, our review of the Second Doctor story, The Dominators.

And of course news and your feedback.

Enjoy this week’s long winded discussion, it’s the longest one yet. So sorry.

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  • Please, please, PLEASE keep “Black Orchid” in the lineup! It may not be the best Five serial, but it is so hilarious and it’ll be blast to tweet about (plus I got the DVD of it for Easter).

  • Mike Poteet

    All joking about a prequel aside, if Eccleston could be persuaded to come back for a prequel that focused on the transition from McGann to him, that would be interesting and very cool — untold stories of the Time War.

  • Anonymous

    Mike, I agree that at the very least Eccleston should come back for a one-off cameo. Seeing the transformation would be keen, and satisfy all of the fans wanting to see the regeneration.