Episode 142 – Sunday Funnies

ttv 1400 anniIn this week’s episode we heap on a ton of Eighth Doctor reviews, first with a look at the Big Finish – Audio GO production, Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors – Enemy Aliens. Next, a review of the Eighth Doctor’s turn in the IDW series, Prisoners of Time. Then, a look at the complete (on screen) era of number Eight with our retrospective of Paul McGann’s turn in the role.

Also, a look at the news of the week, including 50th Anniversary announcements, interviews, speculation and rumors.

Plus, some new Gallifrey One guest announcements.

And, of course, your feedback.


Links mentioned in the show:

Big Finish Games – “The Tesla Effect..a Tex Murphy Adventure” & the gamer site GOG.com for older adventures

The Hamster Dance Song

Librarian in the TARDIS – Eighth Doctor Review

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