Episode 121 – Birds Do It, Bees Do It

NEW_TTV_LOGO_200In this week’s show we do a little paranormal investigation into the latest episode of Doctor Who, Hide. We’ll give our varied views on the 4th installment of Series 7B.

Plus, a look at the IDW Prisoners of Time issue number 3. And finally our review of the newest Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors – Vengeance of the Stones.

Also, our reaction to news of the conformed name of the last episode of this series, The Name of the Doctor, and other announcements.

And of course, your feedback!


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  • Jim in Hollywood

    I am totally cracking up. When I met you guys and you told me about the podcast, you warned me about the penchant for tangents. Now you’re spending several minutes debating what makes an insect. A sea-going insect, no less. Love it.

  • To address the disappearing cable. Its obvious that the TARDIS had a firmware update during the episode and was able to go wireless.

    As far as I’m concerned this was the best episode of the series so far. At the end I was left thinking “now that’s how you do an episode of Doctor Who”. Matt Smith was amazing.

    I also think the character of Alec and Emma (memory is terrible so I may have them totally wrong) would make for a good spin off. Certainly better than John Barrowmans idea of a Captain Jack/River Song spin off – the campness would hit critical levels.

    The other thing that struck me during the episode was that the Doctor doesn’t need Clara. I don’t know if its because Matt Smith can carry the show so well, or it is the way Clara’s character is written. I just remember thinking he didn’t need her. If the companion is the voice of the audience, then she wasn’t needed here. The Doctor showing fear was a good reflection of how the audience should feel. Also him not knowing exactly what was going on was something the companion should be there for.