Schedule Addendum

DW_50TH-cvrRIASomething that sneaked up on us this week is the IDW comic line being released specially for the 50th anniversary year of Doctor Who called Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time. The title is a yearlong celebration of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, featuring all 11 Doctors. Issue one releases today (January 30th) and features the First Doctor, Ian, Barbera, and Vicki.

From IDW:
November 23, 1963: A day that changed the world forever. That day saw the broadcast debut of Doctor Who, which was to become the longest-running science-fiction series on television. And now 50 years later, we pay tribute to one of the greatest pop-culture heroes of all time with this special series, which tells an epic adventure featuring all 11 incarnations of the intrepid traveler through time and space known simply as… the Doctor.

When I (Glenn) saw that we had overlooked what is just one more wonderful piece of this monumental year in Who fandom, I felt that it needed to be included. So, with Shaun and Keith’s approval I have requested that we add this to review on this week’s podcast.

So, listeners, if you are following along, and would like to get ahead of our review, Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #1 is on sale now at your local comic retailers. And the Vortex Boys will include a review of this first title in Traveling the Vortex Episode 110.

Be sure to have a listen.

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