Episode 90 – The Wild, Wild West

♪ “So fill up your glasses
And join in the song
The Law’s right behind you
And it won’t take long.
So come, you coyotes,
And howl at the moon
Till there’s blood upon the sawdust
In “The Last Chance” Saloon.
” ♪

Howdy partners! In this week’s episode we take a look at one of Glenn’s favorite genres – the western, with two tales of gun slingin’, ballad singin’, rootin’ tootin’ Doctor Who stories.

We take a shot at the First Doctor adventure in Tombstone, Arizona in The Gunfighters. Then we meet face to face in the dusty old street with the newest Eleventh Doctor outing, A Town Called Mercy.

Also, Shaun and Keith regale us with their trip to Kansas City or Con X, and Doctor Who Day at Vintage Stock.

And, of course, your feedback.


Con X – Kansas City

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