Episode 84 – Now Boarding Concorde, Golf Alpha Charlie

In this week’s show a double dose of Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor. First we review the Season 19 finale, Time-Flight with companions Nyssa and Tegan. Next, our thoughts on The Big Finish audio play, WInter for the Adept.

Also, a surprise casting announcement, a look at the Entertainment Weekly magazine Doctor Who article featuring Matt Smith on the cover, and more than you could possibly care about, about the new Series 7 trailer released this week.

And of course, your feedback.


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  • Scott B. from Philly

    Hi Kansas Krew!! I’m Scott B. from Philly, a long time fan/1st time commentator. While she wasn’t under scrutiny this time, I’ve rarely if ever heard a proper defense given for Teagan’s abrasive (for some) personality, so here’s mine. After Tom Baker’s overpowering cult of personality, JNT wanted to go far in the other direction, from 1 main star and a couple of supporting players to having more an ensemble group. He toned down Davison’s Doctor to make him more falliable, less all-knowing, more easily flustered. You need someone to help bring that out. Nyssa is too prim and proper, too much in control. I like the character, and maybe I don’t understand Trakenites, but in the times she’s confronted the Master after “The Keeper of Traken” you’d think she show much more emotion toward the man who KILLED HER WHOLE UNIVERSE AND NOW WEARS HER FATHER’S BODY LIKE A NEW SUIT!! I’ll say it again, WEARS HER DAD’s BODY LIKE A NEW SUIT!! There’s Adric – – – enough said. Later there’s Turlough, but by nature he’s less than trustworthy, even cowardly. That leaves the Aussie girl! She grounds her Doctor’s sometimes overly carefree attitude. Sometimes she goes too far, but is the 1st to realize and regret it. It makes her a more rounded character. She was sassy, she could be short tempered, she was AUSTRALIAN!

    I think JNT should have trusted Davison more to do more work like he did in “Frontios,” not worried about an ensemble, and just given him one companion. I think Teagan would have worked better with Colin Baker, if you’ve seen that skit (I think it was from Blue Peter), but I do like the way the Fifth Doctor and Teagan worked together. She could push him to see more than his usually optimistic view on everything, and he needed that.

    Finally, I admit that when Janet Fielding joined the show, I was 15, 16, and she made a huge impression on me! I never knew short hair could be so attractive (remember, this was the 80’s!), and I’ll never forget the outfit she wore in “Ressurection of the Daleks”, black leather skirt and all. Even now, nothing bores me more than a woman who never disagrees or argues with me. I like fiesty!! LOL!! Thanks Teagan!!

    Scott B. from Philly

    p.s. I think the “Shalka Doctor” should be from the same dimension where Rose Tyler and her family live now. NEW BIG FINISH SERIES!!!!

    • Welcome to the feedback family Scott!  Thanks for your thoughts!