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Reasons To Be Thankful

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Whether you like him or not, Steven Moffat has brought a lot to Doctor Who in the course of his nearly ten year involvement with the show.

Phillip Bates over at the Doctor Who fan news page Kasterborous, makes a great case for why we should be thankful of The Grand Moff for his commitments.

Five Reasons To Thank Steven Moffat

Remember when the Internet was a force for good? Remember when fandom was made up of, y’know, fans who loved the show, whatever anyone said?

He gets a lot of stick, but it’s not called for., makes a great case forSteven-Moffat-and-a-Dalek

Steven Moffat has heralded everyone’s favourite TV show for over four years now, and before that, wrote some of the most memorable Ninth and Tenth Doctor stories including The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances, Blink, and Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead. He was an obvious successor to RTD’s showrunner mantle and I personally don’t think he gets enough credit for what he’s done.

Detractors are always the most vocal – but he still has plenty of fans, including Extant scribe, Mickey Fisher, who had a post-it note by his computer screen reading: WWSMD. What Would Steven Moffat Do? And his answer, according to Fisher was always the same: “He would just write it better!”

With the 50th anniversary just behind us and a new series (and Doctor!) on the horizon, it’s time to thank Mr. Moffat for the extensive work he’s put in. Here are just a few things to be grateful about.

To see the entire article (including the list of reasons) click here!

Titan Comics have released another trailer for the new issues of Comics which go on sale July 23rd! Enjoy!

It’s July now and that means it’s Sylvester McCoy’s month! So to celebrate we’re watching Silver Nemesis!

Silver Nemesis

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TTV-Logo-1400-150x150A difficult show for those of us at Traveling the Vortex. The passing of Elisabeth Sladen in 2011 was very difficult for many Doctor Who fans. It was especially had on those of us who were first introduced to the series during her tenure on the program.

But, this week we look back with fond memories about the actress and the character she immortalized in Sarah Jane Smith.

Also, our thoughts on the latest trailer for Series 8.

And of course, your feedback.


Mentioned in the show:
(Re)Generation Who:The Doctor Who Celebration for Every Generation

Take a look at this amazing tribute to the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who done entirely in stop motion with LEGOs!


Don’t forget, as we mentioned on last week’s show, we have a scheduling change.

We will continue to record the podcast on Tuesday and try to have it on the feeds on Wednesday for the next few weeks.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes for out listeners.

However, on the heels of some really big news that’s come out this week, I’m sure we’ll have some interesting things to say.

Stay tuned!


Finally a Trailer

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After 2 teasers and not even a teaser we get an actual trailer for Series 8. Travel INTO THE DARKNESS below!

The Seeds of Doom

No touching the pods! We conclude the epic story of “The Seeds of Death” tonight for Friday Night Who!

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TTV Logo 1400In this week’s podcast, we explore the final episodes of the Sarah Jane Adventures, with a review of Series Five. We give our impressions of the show’s send off.

Also, more Series Eight announcements including writer confirmations and script leaks.

Plus, a look at the rest of the news surrounding the Whoniverse.

And, of course, your feedback.



Technical Difficulties

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It appears that K9 was able to fix the website and email issues we were experiencing early Tuesday, so we are up and running again.

If you tried to send email and it was returned, please resend it.

And, since we won’t be recording this week’s show until sometime tonight, you still have time to send in your feedback!

A big thanks to K9 (Matt) for righting the TARDIS and getting us back on course!