The Midnight Schedule Is Close At Hand * UPDATED *

Busy Busy Busy this week as we run up to Time Eddy III. If you are new the proceedings, thanks for joining us, here’s a breakdown of what’s on tap for the podcast if you want to follow along:

Our weekly Doctor Who watch along Friday Night Who selection on 10/20 is “An Unearthly Child” (but of course a reminder that due to con commitments we may not actually be present for it. If not, just push play at 10:30 without us! 

TTV #353 – The Trilogy Concludes, as we bring you all the news fit to print, talk, and rave about Time Eddy III. 

FNW 10/27 our Halloween offering this year features Tom Baker vs the Great Vampires in “State of Decay”

TTV #354 – It’s been too long since we last checked in on the Brig-Verse, so it’s past time for some book reviews! We’ll offer up thoughts on The Two Brigadiers by Jonathan Macho, Lethbridge-Stewart: Daughters of Earth by Sarah Groenewegen, and The Cruel Oil by Harry Draper.  

Colin Baker falls into a “Twin Dilemma” on 11/3 Friday Night Who.

Continuing where we left off on Excelis, TTV #355 will have our thoughts on Big Finish’s “Excelis Rising” and “Excelis Decays”. 

FNW 11/10 is the first three parts of the third Doctor story “The Sea Devils”.

And we’ll finish off the saga of Excelis and give our thoughts on the over all arc in TTV #356 with Bernice Summerfield in “The Plague Herds Of Excelis”. 

FNW 11/17 finishes off “The Sea Devils” with Parts 4-6. 

Back to the books in TTV #357 with a look at Lethbridge-Stewart: The Dreamer’s Lament by Benjamin Burford-Jones. 

Matt Smith comes back to FNW on 11/24 in “The Rings Of Akhaten”.

A mixed bag this week for TTV #358 as we review Big Finish #94 “Id/Urgent Calls”, and pending the outcome of this year’s Lost Dimension crossover event, Titan Comics 11th Doctor Season 3 issues #6-10. Very subject to change here.  

FNW on 12/1 is the always near the top of the list rated “Caves Of Androzani” with Peter Davison.

TTV #359 has us look at Big Finish #99 “Son Of The Dragon”, and Titan Comics 12th Doctor Season 3 issues #1-5. 

A brand new one this week for Friday Night Who on 12/8! “The Creature From The Pit” with Tom Baker. 

and we’ll offer up our thoughts on that story in TTV #360. 

Pertwee returns to FNW on 12/15 in “The Curse Of Peladon” 

We’ll review the Brig-Verse novella The Flaming Soldier by Christopher Bryant in TTV #361.

Hope you picked up your bluray or DVD copies of Series 10, as we’ll do a recap of the finale “World Enough and Time / The Doctor Falls” for Friday Night Who on 12/22… 

…and then it will be time to say goodbye to Peter Capaldi in TTV #362 as we discuss his swan song and the arrival of Jodi Whitaker in the Christmas special “Twice Upon A Time” 

Wouldn’t be Christmas without a proper Christmas Who, so even though it’s a week late, our last Friday Night Who of the year (12/29) will be “The Runaway Bride” with David Tennant.

TTV #363 will bring on The Havoc Files 4 collection of short stories from Candy Jar Books and the Brig-Verse.

Beyond that? 2018. 

Friday Night Who 9/22

Friday Night Who – Battlefield


We travel backward to the Seventh Doctor story “Battlefield” for Friday Night Who this week. Grab your DVD or boot up your Britbox subscriptions and join us this Friday night at 10:30pm Central. Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@travelvortex) and look for the #FridayNightWho & #Battlefield hashtags to join the conversation.

UPDATED: Scheduling Revisions (or Fixing What Shaun Hath Wrought)

Friday Night Who for 9/15 features the Fifth Doctor and his companions, Nyssa, Tegan and Adric with all four parts of Four To Doomsday.

For TTV Episode #348, we review Big Finish Doctor Who Main Range entry #221 The Star Men and we start Titan Comics’ 10th Doctor Year 3 with issues #1-5

On 9/22, Friday Night Who will feature the Second Doctor story, The Krotons.

And then for TTV Episode #349 it’s a ‘Lost In Time’ feature as we look at Britbox’s reconstruction of the story, The Wheel In Space. We’ll also review the novelization of this story written by Terrance Dicks for Target Books. (This is subject to a timely release of the story by Britbox, of course)

For Friday Night Who on 9/22 we are watching Battlefield featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace.

Then for TTV #349 we review Big Finish Main Range story #92 Nocturne with Seven, Ace and Hex, plus a look at Titan Comics 9th Doctor issues #6-10.

The for Friday Night Who in 9/29 we head back to Series 9 for the Peter Capaldi two-part story, Under The Lake / Before The Flood.

Then, it’s the episode we’ve been warning you about for years! Open up the pocketbook and loosen those purse strings, it’s an “epiversary” special for TTV #350 with our PLEDGE DRIVE! In this show we will also be giving you a SPOILER FREE sneak preview of Candy Jar Books’ Lethbridge-Stewart spin-off, The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: Avatars of the Intelligence.

For Friday Night Who on 10/6 we are watching Battlefield featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace.

Then for TTV #351 we review Big Finish Main Range story #92 Nocturne with Seven, Ace and Hex, plus a look at Titan Comics 9th Doctor issues #6-10.

On 10/6, Friday Night Who will feature the Second Doctor story, The Krotons.

And then for TTV Episode #351 it’s a ‘Lost In Time’ feature as we look at Britbox’s reconstruction of the story, The Wheel In Space. We’ll also review the novelization of this story written by Terrance Dicks for Target Books. (This is subject to a timely release of the story by Britbox, of course)

Friday Night Who for 10/13 sees us viewing the Fifth Doctor story, Frontios

TTV #352 is a ‘Companion Archive’ featuring Iris Wildthyme. We’ll review two Big Finish stories featuring the character with Excelis Dawns and Big Finish Main Range story #51 The Wormery

On 10/20 we go all the way back to the beginning for Friday Night Who with the story, An Unearthly Child.

And fresh off of this year’s Time Eddy 3, TTV #353 will feature our time at the Wichita Doctor Who convention.

Beyond that, who knows? But, there is always Christmas to look forward to.

Candy Jar Announces “The Lucy Wilson Mysteries”

If you’ll remember we reviewed a story on the podcast a few weeks back in Candy Jar Books Lethbridge-Stewart: The HAVOC Files 3 called Lucy Wilson by author Sue Hampton. The story introduces us to Lethbridge-Stewart’s granddaughter Lucy and tells us bout their heartfelt relationship together, despite the estranged one between her father and grandfather. Well, Candy Jar is bringing us more adventures of Lucy Wilson along with her friend Hobo, as they embark on adventures of their own.

Lucy Wilson doesn’t want to move from London to sleepy south Wales. But when she arrives at her new seaside home, it doesn’t appear to be as boring as she expected.

Ogmore-by-Sea seems to be under the control of a mysterious and powerful force. But why is Lucy its target? And why, when students at her new school start to disappear, does no one seem to care?

With the help of her new friend Hobo, Lucy Wilson must assume the mantle of her grandfather, the legendary Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, and defeat an invisible enemy before it’s too late.

Here  are more details on the book from Candy Jar Books:



Award-winning independent publisher Candy Jar Books is publishing a new series of novels, The Lucy Wilson Mysteries. A spin-off from Candy Jar’s Lethbridge-Stewart range, Lucy Wilson will likewise feature fully licensed characters and concepts from the BBC’s beloved Doctor Who.


Eleven-year-old Lucy Wilson doesn’t want to move from London to sleepy Ogmore-by-Sea in south Wales. But when she arrives in her new seaside home, it isn’t as boring as she expected. The village is under the control of a mysterious alien force, and it falls to Lucy and her new friend, Hobo, to stop it.


Lucy is a new character in the Doctor Who universe, but she has illustrious heritage. She is the granddaughter of the iconic Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, one of Doctor Who’s longest running characters. The Brigadier, as he is known to fans, was played by the late Nicholas Courtney, whose death in 2011 prompted the show to pay tribute to him in the series finale, The Wedding of River Song.

So far Candy Jar Books Lethbridge-Stewart series has continued on from the BBC’s Web of Fear, taking place in the 1970s period known as Doctor Who’s “classic era”.

But three years into the series, Shaun Russell, head of publishing, thought the time was right to broaden the Brig’s horizons. He says: “The great thing about Doctor Who is that it appeals to adults and children alike. There’s something for everybody to explore, from The Sarah Jane Adventures for the very young, to Torchwood for those a bit older. Lethbridge-Stewart’s last appearance in any Doctor Who media was, in fact, in The Sarah Jane Adventures. I’m sure that sent a lot of kids back to the classic series to see what all the fuss about. And once you’re a fan of that, you’re generally a fan for life.


“The Brig is such a fundamental part of classic Doctor Who, but after Nicholas Courtney’s death, he’s naturally become less a part of the ongoing programme. We thought that, with the Lucy Wilson series, we could ensure his legacy continues into the modern day – at the same time hopefully sending young fans back to the classics! This is why we have decided to pit Lucy up against the iconic Great Intelligence.”


Not only is the Great Intelligence making a guest appearance, but so does the Brigadier and a couple of other characters well known to fans of the Lethbridge-Stewart range of books, and The Web of Fear.


Not that Lucy needs much help. A modern girl with strong values and opinions, she’s dauntless, loyal and whip smart – qualities long embodied by the Doctor himself. Jodie Whittaker’s recent casting as the first ever female Doctor has spotlighted the positive example the character provides young viewers. It is a tradition Candy Jar wanted to continue with its own contributions to the Who universe.

Sue Hampton, author of two previous Lethbridge-Stewart stories, says: “I’m sure that the new Doctor will defeat her enemies with smarts and ingenuity – and with the help of her friends. It’s great for kids to have someone like this as their role model. They’re the values of the show. And while she’s very much her own girl, we see Lucy as embodying similar traits. We hope young readers will find her just as inspiring.”


The book has been endorsed by Eggheads presenter and Radio 2 DJ Jeremy Vine. He says: “A great read – brilliant characters and a plot that keeps surprising you. Sue Hampton writes in three dimensions! Avatars of the Intelligence draws you in from the very first page.”

The cover art is by Steve Beckett, a freelance writer and illustrator who has contributed artwork for the UK’s longest running children’s weekly comic The Beano, including The Bash Street Kids, General Jumbo and Bully Beef and Chips.  He says: “I am very excited to have contributed to the expanding Lethbridge-Stewart universe. Shaun contacted me because he was familiar with my work for The Beano. He wanted something that could appeal to the young and adults alike. Hopefully I have achieved this. I have certainly grown quite fond of the characters and I look forward to hopefully drawing them again very soon.”

Avatars of the Intelligence by Sue Hampton is available for pre-order exclusively for fans until the end of September, with dispatch shortly thereafter. The commercial release of the book will be early next year.

We are excited to say that we will be reviewing the first book in this series before it comes out next year and are thrilled to learn what is in store for our heroine and her friends.

Look for that coming on a podcast soon.###

Scheduling Support From Viewers Like You

The adventures in scheduling topics and conversations with Friday Night Who episodes and conventions continues… In this episode…

Friday Night Who on 8/25 is the William Hartnell story “Planet of Giants”. 

TTV #344 features our look at a pair of Big Finish Companion Chronicles from Season 3: #1 “Here There Be Monsters” (Susan) and #7 “The Transit of Venus” (Ian). 

Everybody’s favorite (except ours), “The Talons of Weng-Chiang” hits Friday Night Who on 9/1. (Well, the first three parts anyway.) 

Since we’ll have Tom on the brain, TTV #345 finishes off the Big Finish 4th Doctor Adventures Season 2 with episodes #6 “The Dalek Contract”, and #7 “The Final Phase”.

We’ll finish the final three parts of “Talons of Weng-Chiang” on 9/8. 

TTV #346 has our insights into this year’s Topeka based Top Con.

FNW 9/15 is “Four To Doomsday” 

More big finish is on tap for TTV #347 with a big jump ahead to #221 “The Star Men”, as well as Titan Comics 10th Doctor Season 3 issues #1-5. 

FNW 9/22 has Patrick Troughton’s second Doctor in “The Krotons”

Lost In Time returns! TTV #348 will take a comprehensive look at “The Wheel In Space” (Assuming the Britbox Recon is released by now) 

FNW 9/29 – Battlefield (7 McCoy) 

TTV #349 sees us review Big Finish #92 Nocturne, and Titan Comics 9th Doctor ongoing issues #6-10.  

PCap makes a return visit to Friday Night Who on 10/6 with “Under The Lake” and “Before The Flood”. 

The mission of Traveling The Vortex is to create Doctor Who related content that educates, informs and inspires. To do this, Traveling The Vortex offers programming that expands the minds of children, documentaries that open up new worlds, non-commercialized news programs that keep listeners informed on world events and cultures and programs that expose them to the worlds of music, theater, dance and art. The vast majority of fundraising for Traveling The Vortex takes place at the local level. Your generous gift allows everyone the ability to explore new ideas and new worlds through innovative online programming and podcasts. Together, as a Traveling The Vortex supporter, we can offer trusted news and premier children’s programming today, tomorrow and in the future. Visit  to make a gift today. That’s right. We’ve been threatening you with this for a long time, and now, the time is at hand. To celebrate our epiversary, TTV #350 is… a… PLEDGE DRIVE! Surprises abound this week, including an exclusive sneak peak preview of a new Candy Jar Books project that doesn’t release until NEXT YEAR! Curious? Tune in to find out what it is! 

FNW 10/13 – Frontios (5 Davidson) 

Here’s a feature that hasn’t been seen in a while, making a return to TTV #351. A Companion Archive on one Iris Wildthyme. We’ll take a look at two Big Finish tales, Excelis Dawns and mainline story #51 The Wormery. 

and we go back to the beginning for Friday Night Who on 10/20 with “An Unearthly Child”. 

TTV #352 is our very full discussion of what is sure to be a very full weekend at Time Eddy III. (Have you bought YOUR ticket yet?)

Beyond that? Christmas baby! Christmas!

Friday Night Who 7/28

It’s another “Funky Pertwee” episode tonight, or at least, half of one. Grab your DVD or boot up your Britbox subscriptions and join us for the first three parts of “Colony In Space” tonight at the *new* time of 10:30pm Central. Be sure to follow us on twitter (@travelvortex) and look for the #FridayNightWho #ColonyInSpace hashtags to join the conversation…


Deborah Watling Has Passed

With heavy heart we must report that Doctor Who actress Deborah Watling has passed away after a brief battle with lung cancer. She was diagnosed with the disease just six weeks ago.

She was 69.

Best known for playing 2nd Doctor companion Victoria Waterfield, (and daughter of Jack Watling, who played Professor Edward Travers) many of Deborah’s episodes are still missing, with her only complete serials being Tomb of the Cybermen and Enemy of the World. Most parts of The Ice Warriors and The Web of Fear exist as well.

Deborah was a delight to talk to, as we had the pleasure of doing at Time Eddy in Wichita two years ago. She often found herself the butt of many jokes frequently administered by co-star Frazer Hines, but you could tell it was all in good fun, and their panel was one of the more spirited and fun ones we’ve ever had the privilege to moderate.

Mel and I enjoyed a small, quiet moment with her poolside at Gally several years back. She came out of the hotel, looked up at the sun and closed her eyes for a moment to just bask. Then she looked at us, smiled brilliantly and commented the only downside to conventions was while you got to spend all day with lovely fans, you did it all indoors.

She was a class act, and we will miss her.


Jodie Whittaker announced as the 13th Doctor

Actress Jodie Whittaker takes over as the 13th Doctor at Christmas

Actress Jodie Whittaker takes over as the 13th Doctor at Christmas. – Image BBC

The BBC revealed in a trailer following Wimbledon men’s singles final, that actress Jodie Whittaker will step into the shoes of the Doctor as the character’s next incarnation.

The Broadchurch star follows Peter Capaldi, who took the role in 2013 and leaves in this year’s Christmas special.

She joins another Broadchurch alum. Doctor Who’s new showrunner is Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall.

Whittaker told BBC News:

“It’s more than an honour to play the Doctor. It means remembering everyone I used to be, while stepping forward to embrace everything the Doctor stands for: hope. I can’t wait.”

As well as TV work, Whittaker has appeared on the big screen, in One Day, Attack the Block and St Trinian’s.

The Schedule Falls – UPDATED

Updates Updates Updates!

As we discussed on the podcast this week there is a tweak to the schedule, (we have added a week to our Candy Jar book reviews to better get caught up and cover the awesomeness there in.) Changes marked in red. The rest of the schedule stays the same, just backs up a week…

First, the big super huge announcement you may have missed… Based on YOUR feedback, (no, not you. You. No, you! You in the back. YES YOU! YOUR FEEDBACK!) Our weekly Doctor Who watch along Friday Night Who has been moved to a new time, permanently! (Well, as permanent as anything is in this crazy mixed up world of ours.)

Join us now each week, starting at 10:30pm Central.

This means you ALL better be breaking out that BritBox subscription or booting up your DVDs to join us!!!

Next up is the schedule:

Friday Night Who on 6/23 is Colin Baker in “Attack Of The Cybermen”

Our show this week for Traveling The Vortex #336 is the penultimate series 10 episode “World Enough And Time”

FNW 6/30 is the first appearance of Mondasian Cybermen in “The Tenth Planet” with William Hartnell.

and TTV #337 is the series finale, “The Doctor Falls”

Peter Davidson hits Friday Night Who on 7/7 in “Awakening”

TTV #338 will have our review of the first (and possibly only season) of the spin-off series Class.

FNW 7/14 is a Nu Who episode with Matt Smith, “The Beast Below”

We’ll take a look at some Eleventh Doctor comics in TTV #339. Titan Comics 11th Doctor Season 3 #1-5 to be exact, along with Big Finish mainline #89 “No Man’s Land”

We’ve added a week here: FNW 7/21 is the Tom Baker serial “The Sun Makers”

We’re breaking up our Candy Jar book reviews, into two weeks! Traveling The Vortex #340 takes a look at Havoc Files 3 (featuring a story by a certain member of this podcast, who will NOT be allowed to tell you how great it is), and the novela Life of Evans by John Peel.

FNW 7/28 is the debut of the Jon Pertwee story “Colony In Space” Parts 1-3

More Candy Jar goodness with the short story Runaway Bomb by Nick Walters, and the novel Lethbridge-Stewart: Night Of The Intelligence by Andy Frankham-Allen (which features a prologue by a certain member of this podcast, who will NOT be allowed to tell you how great it is.)

We’ll finish up “Colony In Space” Parts 4-6 for Friday Night Who on 8/4

TTV #341 will feature our review of “Colony In Space”

A classic FNW for 8/11 featuring Tom Baker, “The Brain Of Morbius”

8th Doctor Big Finish action in TTV #342 with our thoughts on the Big Finish 8th Doctor Adventures Season 2: #7 “Sisters of the Flame”, and #8 “Vengeance of Morbius”

More NU WHO on FNW 8/18 with Christopher Eccelston in the two part “Aliens In London / World War III”

and TTV #343 has Big Finish 8th Doctor Adventures Season 3: #1 “Orbis” and Titan Comics 9th Doctor Season 1 #1-5

Beyond that in the dog days of summer? I can strongly hint that our Lost In Time feature is coming back, and we might just be revisiting the idea of Beyond The Doctor.


As always, thanks for listening!


Friday Night Who Moves To New Time


We asked, you answered, we listened.

Our weekly Doctor Who watch along Friday Night Who will make the permanent move to 10:30pm on Friday Nights instead of midnight. (Times are still Central). We hope this change will allow more of you to join in with us!

The change is effective immediately, with this week’s offering, #AttackOfTheCybermen

Fire up those BritBox subscriptions or dust off your DVDs, We push play at 10:30, and look for the #FridayNightWho hashtags on twitter!

Podcast Delayed

Slight delay in the proceedings this week as Shaun and Glenn took last night to recover from the drive back from their weekend at British Fest. We are working on the audio from our panels to share with you all, and plan to record the new episode tonight, which means there’s still time to get your feedback in on The Lie Of The Land! 

Friday Night Who 5/26


Join us for Friday Night Who, a different episode of Doctor Who every Friday Night at midnight, Central time! Tonight’s selection is the Tom Baker masterpiece, Pyramids Of Mars! Synchronize your watches and DVD copies (or boot up that BritBox subscription) we push play at midnight. Be sure to follow @travelvortex on twitter for all the action and look for those #FridayNightWho #PyramidsOfMars hashtags!

Goodbye Capaldi Scheduling

It’s been difficult putting this schedule together, as I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to say goodbye to P-Cap (and the BBC continues to fiddle with episode titles depending on what site you visit). At any rate, for those of you that like to follow along at home, or want to take advantage of your new BritBox subscription and join us for our weekly Doctor Who watch/tweet along Friday Night Who, here’s the line up:

TONIGHT, (4/14) Friday Night Who offering is Tom Baker in “Destiny Of The Daleks”. This is notable for also being the first (and so far only) appearance of the Movellans, who are supposed to reappear in this weekend’s season opener.

TTV #326 We’ll take a look at “The Pilot” (10×1) and give you our thoughts. NuWho is back, baby!

Because we like paring things up when the show comes back, FNW on 4/21 features Matt Smith in “The Girl Who Waited”, because handbots are really close to those emoji bots, right?

TTV #327 Details of the emoji bots in our look at “Smile” (10×2)

Celebrating both Billie Piper (Rose Tyler) and John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness) at this years Planet Comicon in KC, our offering this week (FNW 4/28) is “The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances” with Christopher Eccelston.

Side Trip 27 will bring you all the ins and outs of our local big con, Planet Comicon 2017.

And TTV #328 (our proper show for the week) will have our thoughts on “Thin Ice” (10×3)

Okay, this is totally cheesy and NOT the way to schedule, but FNW 5/5 is “End Of Time / End Of Time Part 2” with David Tennant…

…because this week’s NuWho episode is called “Knock, Knock” (10×4). GET IT?!? Yeah, probably no more tie in than that for TTV #329.

5/12 is surprisingly, one we’ve never officially done for Friday Night Who before, Jon Pertwee’s “Terror Of The Autons”

TTV #330 will have our thoughts on “Oxygen” (10×5)

FNW 5/19 is the last appearance of Missy from Peter Capaldi’s last series, “The Magician’s Apprentice / The Witches Familiar”

…because we have it on pretty good authority she returns this season. Will it be in “Extremis” (10×6), discussed in TTV #331?

FNW 5/26 is the Tom Baker classic “Pyramids Of Mars”

TTV #332 has our thoughts on “The Pyramid At The End Of The World” (10×7).

Join us and Frazer Hines at Britishfest in Omaha this weekend. We’ll be watching “The Seeds Of Death” Part 1-3 with Patrick Troughton

Side Trip 28 has all the fun to be had from Britishfest 2017

TTV #333 – The Lie Of The Land (OR) The Truth (10×8)

FNW 6/9 will finish off “The Seeds Of Death” with Parts 4-6

as the Ice Warriors reappear in TTV #334 as we discuss “The Empress Of Mars” (OR) “The Martian Queen” (10×9)

Mura Rono is back this season, having previously written this week’s FNW 6/16 “Survival” starring Sylvester McCoy.

and is the only author to write for both classic and NuWho with TTV #335’s discussion topic, “Eaters Of Light” (10×10)

The complete televised history of the Mondasian Cybermen unfolds the next two weeks, as FNW on 6/23 is “Attack Of The Cybermen” featuring Colin Baker.

TTV #336 has the new Mondasian Cybermen in “World Enough And Time” (OR) “The Converted” (10×11)

and finally, FNW 6/30 brings us “The Tenth Planet” the last episode of William Hartnell.

Will TTV #337 have us discussing the last episode of Peter Capaldi? “The Doctor Falls” (OR) “Steel Skinned” (10×12) will tell.

Beyond that?


Deep. Dark. Depression.

Scheduling From Here To Easter Saturday

With the Beeb’s recent announcement of Season 10 premiering on Easter Saturday, we feel confident in releasing the rest of the schedule up to that point for those of you who like to follow along…

Friday Night Who on 2/3 is “The Gunfighters” with William Hartnell.

TTV #317 is a Book Review of Lethbridge-Stewart: Mind Of Stone by Iain McLaughlan, and The Christmas Files shorts.

FNW 2/17 (Finally) is “The Power of the Daleks” Part 1-3, as the Patrick Troughton story comes to DVD in North America at last.

TTV #318 We’ll finish off Titan Comics 11th Doctor series 2 with #2.11 – #2.15, and tackle Big Finish 4th Doctor Adventures: S2 #5 “Phantoms Of The Deep”.

Friday Night Who on 2/24 finishes “The Power of the Daleks” Part 4-6…

…and then an in-depth look into the story. We’ll talk about “The Power of the Daleks”(story, the animation, the color version), and the fan mounted film version in Traveling The Vortex #319

3/3 brings David Tennant to “New Earth” for Friday Night Who.

Our podcast epsisode #320 will review Titan Comics 10th Doctor series 2 issues #2.11 – #2.17, and Big Finish mainline story #82 “The Settling”.

FNW 3/10 is the masterful Tom Baker story “City Of Death”

TTV #321 is our Book Reviews of the novelization of City Of Death by Douglas Adams & James Goss

Friday Night Who on 3/17 brings back Peter Davidson and Team TARDIS in “Time Flight”

A pair of audios round things out for show #322, with Big Finish mainline stories #91 Circular Time and #93 Renaissance Of The Daleks.

Hartnell returns to Friday Night Who on 3/24 in “The Ark”

TTV #323 features our current listener’s poll, with a twist. We want all of YOU to vote on the WORST monsters to grace Doctor Who. The dregs, the deplorable, the ones despised by fandom. You know the ones. We’ll take the top ten vote getters, and then our job will be to rise to their defense and explain why they’re actually pretty great. If we can. Challenge Accepted!

Get your Funky Pertwee on with FNW on 3/31 as we watch the first three parts of “Invasion Of The Dinosaurs”


TTV #324 features the conclusion of Titan Comics 12th Doctor series 2 with issues #2.11 – #2.15, and Big Finish mainline story #89 No Man’s Land CHANGED TO: #79 Night Thoughts. 

FNW on 4/7 will finish off “Invasion Of The Dinosaurs” parts 4-6.

And in TTV #325 we’ll cover Titan Comics third Doctor mini series, and Big Finish mainline story #108 The Assassin In The Limelight.

Thanks again for your support!