Episode 48 – Exaggerated Caricatures

In this week’s show we get a bit sidetracked (yeah, what else is new?) with our love of Christmas time and the Muppets so, please indulge us.

Also in this cast, a look at more Tenth Doctor goodness with a review of The Doctor’s Daughter and The Unicorn and the Wasp. WARNING: Debate gets a little heated and the volume levels may increase slightly for parts of the show.

Also, we talk a little about this weekend’s Chicago TARDIS convention, and of course, your feedback.


Episode 47 – A Dent in the 80’s

In this week’s episode, we revisit The Tenth Doctor and Donna, as they travel to the Planet of the Ood. Then joined by Martha and UNIT as they try to unravel the mystery of The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky.

Also, we’ll add fuel to the speculation fires as we remark on our hopes, wants, and predictions for a Doctor Who Movie with director David Yates at the helm.

And, of course, your feedback. Enjoy!

Muldwych’s article on the Movie rumors

Here is a video Keith found and is the reason why the Quantum Leap theme was going through our heads all night: Quantum Who [Doctor Who-Quantum Leap style]

While we’re at it, here’s one he found with the Firefly open: Doctor Who – Opening Credits – [Firefly – Style]

Episode 46 – Adversary Archive: The Sontarans

We pilot the TARDIS back through the vortex this week for our latest Adversary Archive: The Sontarans. In this episode we review two classic Sontaran stories, The Sontaran Experiment and The Invasion of Time.

Unfortunately, Glenn fell down on the job this week, and failed to get a copy of Shakedown: Return of the Sontarans to Shaun and Keith, so we will delay our review of that story until a future episode.

Also, we return with more of your feedback, old and new! And we chime in on what’s news in the Whoniverse.

So, sit back and enjoy this week’s show!

Episode – 45 – Allons-y, Alonso!

The Doctor: What’s your name?
Midshipman Frame: Alonso.
The Doctor: You’re kidding me.
Midshipman Frame: No, is something wrong?
The Doctor: Something else I’ve always wanted to say. Allons-y, Alonso!

We’re headed back to the Tenth Doctor era and the start of Series Four. It also marks the comeback of Donna Noble. This week, our reviews of Voyage of the Damned, Partners in Crime and The Fires of Pompeii. Big news on the Matt Smith front *wink* and of course your feedback. Enjoy!

Episode 44 – It’s the Great Pumpkin, Doctor Who

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, HALLOWEEN!

Draw the curtains, light a candle, and put out the lights, for a frighting edition of Traveling the Vortex. In this week’s show, a look at three stories produced in a Gothic-horror style, The Brain of Morbius, The Seeds of Doom, and Horror of Fang Rock.

And a spooky revelation in the news, as Matt Smith expounds on comments made last week about his departure from Doctor Who. And, as always, feedback from our faithful listeners. SCORBY!

Episode 43 – Getting Better All The Time

In this weeks show we revisit Captain Jack and the “crew” for a review of Torchwood Series 2. We recap episode by episode our impressions of each show and the direction of the series on a whole.

Big news this week in the realm of rumor control, with the speculation that Matt Smith might be leaving he series after next year. We chime in on that debate. And, of course a look at the wonderful feedback we receive from our faithful listeners!

Links discussed on the show:

io9 Matt Smith Rumor

Doctor Who: Re-Incarnated

Episode 42 – Life, the Universe, and Steven Moffat

Series Six is “in the can”, as they say, and now a chance to fondly look back over the Matt Smith/Steven Moffat era thus far.

In this episode we review the last two years and take an over all look at Series Five and Six as a whole, and the state of Doctor Who with Moffat at the helm.

Also, a Galley and Chicago Tardis update, news, and of course your feedback.


Links mentioned in the show:

Chicago TARDIS 2011

Gallifrey 2012: Network 23

Spike Scream Awards


Episode 41 – 76 Totter’s Lane

Following the end of Series Six last week, it’s back to the beginning this week to the story that launched one of television’s greatest sci-fi series.

This week we review The Beginning box set (two-thirds of it anyway) with the stories, An Unearthly Child, Edge of Destruction, and Marco Polo.

And we’ll talk about the news of the week, including some announced DVD releases in the U.S. and of course your feedback.

Links mentioned in this weeks show:


The Doctor Who Bar This is their Facebook page. At the time of this post the Blogger site mentioned in the show has been moved.

Episode 40 – Who Knows What Evil Lurks

After a terrific 13 week run, Series Six finally wraps with The Wedding of River Song. We’ll let you know what we thought about this year’s season finale.

Plus, another finale as well for The Key To Time series with The Armageddon Factor.

Also, news about the end of Doctor Who Confidential, and of course your feedback.

Links from this show:

Save Doctor Who Confidential – The Petition

Save Doctor Who Confidential – The Twibbon

Episode 39 – Stormageddon: Dark Lord of All

Here we are at the penultimate episode of Series Six. It’s been a good time, with lots of ups and downs this season, and this week’s episode in no exception. Here’s our review of Closing Time with the return of James Corden reprising his role as Craig Owens. But, first a review of the fifth story in the key to time, The Power of Kroll. Plus as usual, your feedback!

Series 7 News

Episode 38 – Hotel California

“You can checkout any time you like,
But you can never leave!”

This week we “check in” to the latest episode of Series Six with a review of The God Complex. But, before that, it’s medieval sword play, colorful costumes, and robot impostors, oh… and our review of The Androids of Tara, the fourth part to the Key to Time series.

And as usual, news and your feedback. Enjoy!

Mentioned in this weeks show:

Star Wars on Blu Ray

Hoo on Who

Episode 37 – New and Improved!

Here we are this week, and as the title suggests, we are new and improved. Or, perhaps we should just say cleaner and clearer?

This week we continue our review of the Key to Time series with The Stones of Blood. Then the most recent installment of series six with The Girl Who Waited. Hopefully you won’t have to.

Links mentioned in this week’s show:

GQ.com – Matt Smith’s Most Stylish DJ

Doctor Who: Re-Incarnated

Episode 36 – Don’t Panic!

“A plank. The theory is very simple: You walk along it. At the end, you fall off. Drop one thousand feet… dead.”

In this week’s episode we review the next installment in The Key To Time series – The Pirate Planet as well as the newest Eleventh Doctor outing with Night Terrors.

Links mentioned in the week’s show:

Doctor Who: Re-Incarnated

Dragon*Con 2011: Sylvester McCoy Reads From ‘The Pandorica Opens’

Doctor Who: Adventures in Time, Space, and Music

Wikipedia – Doctorate

Episode 35 – Of Tyrants and Dictators

Back again right on the heels of the return of Series Six. This week we review Let’s Kill Hitler, and then head back through the vortex for a review of the first story in the Key to Time series – The Ribos Operation.

And of course we have your feedback and I’m sure we got off on a number of tangents this week so enjoy!

Links mentioned in the show:

Big Finish

*I’m pretty sure the Big Finish Audio that featured the “black rectangular hole” chasing the Tardis (the time scoop, from “The Five Doctors”) was within the second season of the Paul McGann 8th Doctor Adventures.  I belive it was episode 2.7 “Sisters Of The Flame”, but bewarned!  This is the first of a THREE PART story arc, which continues in the season 2 finale 2.8 “Vengenance Of Morbius” and the season three premier, 3.1 “Orbis”.  A fantastic tale, but does feature some characters from previous 8th Doctor audio adventures. – Shaun

Episode 34 – Goo Goo G’Joob

Third Doctor: Jo, it’s all quite simple – I am he and he is me!
Jo Grant: And we are all together, goo goo g’joob?

In this week’s episode we review four multi-Doctor stories, starting with the classic Third Doctor story, The Three Doctors. We follow that up with the less then stellar, The Two Doctors, and then the absolutely superb mini-episode, Time Crash. And to round things out, we talk a little about the multi-Doctor extravaganza, Dimensions in Time.

Oh, and of course news and your feedback! Enjoy!

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The Ten Doctors PART 2 – by Babelcolour

2MTL 66: Animating Classic Doctors

“Excusive” KC 48 hr Film Project