Episode 369 – Yes, You’ve Downloaded the Right Episode

If you’re confused about this week’s topics in the episode, we apologize. Due to a scheduling blip, we mistakenly told you that we were reviewing two different stories on the last show. However, we really meant to say we are reviewing Big Finish #95 Exotron & Urban Myths featuring the Fifth Doctor and Peri. Find out what we thought of these two stories in what Shaun is calling the “Virus Strand” arc.

Also, convention news this week as well as some interesting news about another Doctor Who DVD release.

As always, enjoy!

Episode 368 – Mars Attacks

In this week’s show we bring you another book review, the Candy Jar Books Lethbridge-Stewart series spinoff novella, Travers And Wells by Robert Mamone. We discuss our thoughts on the book.

Also, some news out of Candy Jar Books as well as a new video release from Reeltime Pictures.




Episode 367 – A “Moffatspective”

A month has passed since the official end of tenure, and we thought we’d take a look back at the “Grand Moff” Steven era. We take a retrospective look at Steven Moffat’s time as showrunner on Doctor Who with a look back at Seasons 5-10.

Also, big news from Big Finish with the announcement of more Tenth Doctor stories and a reunion of sorts by the original Torchwood crew.




Episode 366 – The Big Red LTD Button

In this week’s episode of the podcast we have two different offerings. First we review Big Finish’s Eighth Doctor Adventures Season 3: #3 “The Beast of Orlok”.

Then we dive back into the comics with Titan Comics 10th Doctor Year 3 #6-8 & 10.

Plus some new of the week including an East Coast convention with an impressive guest line-up.



Episode 365 – Going Green

Two topics of review for this week’s show. First we start with Big Finish’s Eighth Doctor Adventures Season 3, number 2 “Hothouse” featuring the Eighth Doctor and Lucy Miller.

Then we finish off the first year of Titan Comics’ Ninth Doctor ongoing comic with issues #11-15. 

Plus, some news of the week.



Episode 364 – Better Receivers and Manners

In this week’s episode we review our last Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith televised story, Planet of Evil. Hear what each of us thought about this story.

And some more news from Big Finish and Candy Jar Books.




Episode 363 – Shorts, Shorts and More Shorts

There are no shortage of short story reviews in this week’s episode. First we tackle the collection of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart stories in the recently released HAVOC Files 4. We examine the stories in the set NOT released as individual titles throughout the year.

Then, we move to two stories released in recent weeks. First it’s “What’s Past is Prologue” by David McIntee.

And then we review “The Note” by Andy Frankham Allen.


Episode 362 – The Three Doctors at Christmas

It’s finally here! The Doctor Who Christmas special for this year has come and gone, and we have a review of this season’s outing, Twice Upon a Time featuring the First Doctor teaming up with the Twelfth Doctor. And listen to what we thought of the first appearance of Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor.

But not before we indulge in another charming little story from our friends over at Candy Jar Books with a Christmas special of their own, the short story, “The Case Of The Missing Fairy” by Steven Walton.

Plus, some convention announcements make news this week.

And.of course, your feedback.


Side Trip 31 – Christmas Special: Now With Rankings

Merry Christmas! With what has now become a Yuletide tradition for us here at Traveling the Vortex, we present this year’s Christmas special.

And, because we like to rank things (not) we decided it would be fun to take a look back at some of the Doctor Who Christmas specials and choose our top five favorites. Also, we look at the one story we think is the absolute worst. And we decide which story we feel best represents Christmas.


Side Trip 30 – Book Review – The Legends of River Song

In this special Side Trip edition, Keith and Shaun review a book they read way back in January. “The Legends of River Song” was the Goodreads Traveling the Vortex Book Club selection for that month. It was our intention to review it sooner, but we kept pushing it off. So, Glenn thought it would be fun to see what Keith and Shaun could remember, and this is the result.




Side Trip 29 – Tales from the TARDIS with Katy Manning & Matthew Waterhouse

As you know, back in October we traveled to Wichita, KS to attend Time Eddy III. We were honored to be able to conduct a few panels, including one with the beautiful Katy Manning and charming and lovely Matthew Waterhouse. This is the audio we recorded at that panel.

It starts with Matthew, as Katy had been feeling under the weather for much of the weekend and on top of that she agreed to add a panel to make up for the absence of another guest. She joins the panel about halfway through.

Thanks again to the organizers of Time Eddy three years of enjoyment.

Episode 361 – Not What It Seems

We hope you are enjoying your week leading up to Christmas. Busy schedules have delayed this week’s episode, but alas it is finally here..

In this installment, we examine the latest novella set in Candy Jar Books’ Extended UNITverse. Here is our review of The Flaming Soldier by Christopher Bryant. Find out what we think of the story.

Also, entertainment news and another small announcement from our friends at Candy Jar Books.

Plus, a review from longtime listener and correspondent, Chrissy who looks at a comic from the December 2017 issue #518 of Doctor Who Magazine. It features the Doctor and Bill in a story called “Matildus.”

And, we give a short spoiler-free review the the latest Star Wars film, The Last Jedi.


Side Trip 28 – KCCC Panel – Podcasting Predicaments

Last month we had the opportunity to join in on a panel at Kansas City Comic Con with the hosts of A Gal & A Gay podcast. Mitch & Kat (or as they are also known, Mick and Kitty) invited us to record a live podcast. We discussed everything from podcasting to Doctor Who and even talked a little bit about Star Wars along the way.

A big thank you to A Gal & A Gay podcast for hosting the panel and to Kansas City Comic Con for having us be part of their convention.

You can find A Gal & A Gay podcast here.


Side Trip 27 – Chicago TARDIS Report

Last month, long-time listener, friend-of-the-show and now correspondent Kirk Chritton and his family went to Chicago TARDIS over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. And Kirk was kind enough to file this report for us, and our listeners about their experiences at the convention.

Our apologies to Kirk for the delay in getting this out on the feed. But, hopefully this will be just the first of several surprises and specials leading up to Christmas.


Episode 360 – Apologizing for the Present

“The future foretold, the past explained, the present apologised for.” 

In this week’s episode, we return to the classic TV series with a Fourth Doctor and Romana II adventure. We review The Creature from the Pit. Find out what we think of this often maligned story.

Also, we look at some news, including wardrobe talk, but perhaps, not the kind you are thinking.