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Episode 28 – Poor Fuel Economy Hybrids

This week’s episode is a review of the Tenth Doctor stories, Daleks in Manhattan, Evolution of the Daleks, and The Lazarus Experiment.

Also, Torchwood: Miracle Day impressions from Keith, a Gallifrey 23 update, and Doctor Who cast at San Diego Comic Con.

And, of course, your feedback.

Links mentioned in the show:

Doug H. – Berkeley Square’s entry in to the 2011 Wild West Film Fest

cj’s notebook – Pictures of her new niece

Gallifrey 2012 | Gallifrey One’s Network 23

As always, enjoy!

Episode 27 – Independence of the Daleks

After a few days off for the holiday, we’ve returned with our latest episode.

In this Adversary Archive: The Daleks 2.0 (or as Shaun considers it Davros 1.0) we review Genesis of the Daleks, and Destiny of the Daleks.

Also, in this episode an update on this weeks Friday Night Who – or Friday Night Who: Thursday Edition.

And of course, your feedback.

Links in this show:

A history of the Dalek props in Doctor Who from ’63 to ’88

Happy Independence Day!

Due to the U.S. observation of Independence Day, this weeks episode will be delayed until Tuesday, July 5th. We decided that we all needed an extra day of recuperation from all of the celebrations (not to mention Shaun forgot it was Sunday night). So, look for Episode 27 on the feeds tomorrow, and HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

Episode 26 – The Vortex Code

Sorry for the delay, the delivery guy showed up late with the files necessary to put together a show. I bet some of you were shouting at your iTunes feed “Them Vortex Boys didn’t really get this thing fixed!” Better late than never though, I always say. And I say it a lot because I am always late.

Anywho! This weeks episode we review more Tenth Doctor episodes, starting with the Christmas special, The Runaway Bride. Then on to the beginning of Martha Jones tenure as the companion with Smith and Jones, The Shakespeare Code, and Gridlock.

And Glenn tries to explain the ribbon culture at Galley but here is a link to a site that explains it much better: Ribbons at Gallifrey One Conventions


iTunes Feed Is Updated

Just a quick note: after weeks of dealing with Apple support, Traveling the Vortex is available again through the iTunes Store. Those of you who rerouted your feeds to our feed will not be affected by the change. Those of you who did not, well, welcome back!

Episode 25 – Silver Nemesis II – Electric Boogaloo

Wow! Twenty-five weeks have gone so fast for us here at Traveling the Vortex. And to mark the occasion, we threw a little party! It was a small intimate affair. Just a few close friends. Oh, and the Myrka.

Anyway, this week we discuss the confusion and over-speculation that is the “No full season in 2012” rumor.

Also, we finish reviewing Series 2 with – Fear Her, Army of Ghosts, and Doomsday.

And finally all of the wonderful feedback that we have received this week from our wonderful listeners.


Movie Review – Green Lantern

This is my spoiler-free review of Green Lantern which released this week in theaters.

First of all: “When will DC/Warner Bros. figure out the right formula for a good superhero movie?” So far, in recent memory anyway, the only successful franchise is Batman.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Green Lantern, nearly as much as Superman Returns, but neither film reaches it’s full potential.

Green Lantern is visually amazing. Even the 3D is done right. You can tell that just about all of it’s $300 million dollar budget was spent on the visuals, computer or otherwise (oh, sure Ryan Reynolds isn’t cheap nowadays either). The movie really captures the look and feel of the comic book series, which I was an avid reader of in the late 1980’s. It looks like a photo-realistic version of each and every colorful page.

The film also captures the spirit of the comic series as well, even if it does deviate ever-so-slightly from the true origins of the books, but that’s to be expected with film adaptations and we as comic book fans have learned to overlook the subtle details.

The problems with the film lie in the plot itself. The story feels very rushed. It finds it necessary to make use of a narrated prologue to introduce the viewer to the history of the Green Lantern Corps. Then the story takes off from there, almost in a rush to get to it’s climatic finale. There are some really good moments, especially as our hero Hal Jordan (GL’s alter-ego/secret identity if you didn’t know) discovers his powers and his subsequent induction into and training by the Corps. But, I can’t help to think that a casual viewer (non-comic book or sci-fi fan) might feel cheated and somewhat left unsatisfied by the comic book style pacing.

The performances are good as well. Blake Lively, who plays Carol Ferris, Hal’s pilot friend/supervisor/ pseudo-girlfriend , does a fine job. She pulls off the balance to Jordan’s wild-card pilot attitude. Ryan Reynolds in the title role does a fantastic job. It’s not a stretch for the actor to play the pretty, witty, and charming Hal Jordan, and he is a convincing GL, although the film almost takes the “lower-your-voice-so-that-no-one-knows-who-you-are” road, but recovers by playing it off as one of the films funnier moments.

The real stand out here is Peter Sarsgaard as Dr. Hector Hammond. The character is the cliché – boy longs to get the girl he can never have, and be the hero he could never be, but Sarsgaard pours the conflict and down right crazy into the role and subtly steals the show.

Other bit parts are done quite well, including those of Tim Robbins, Angela Bassett, and Mark Strong.

I think you have to, not only be a fan of comics to enjoy this film, but a fan of early DC Comics as well. The line lacks the edgy, hardcore grit that Marvel Comics have always brought, thereby making them less accessible to the mainstream audience.

The movie (as expected) does set itself up for a sequel, but I bet judging by the reviews it’s gotten already, Warner Bros. Might be hard pressed to “green light” (like what I did there?) another Green Lantern.

Overall, a fun movie, with a decent story and good acting, but far from the best superhero story put to film.

Episode 24 – I Was Molested By a Fan Girl in Omaha

Not as long winded this week, another episode is in the can and posted to the feed.

In this one, we head back to the Tenth Doctor’s era and review The Idiot’s Lantern, The Impossible Planet, The Satan Pit, and everyone’s favorite – Love and Monsters.

A long bit of insightful feedback, and Keith tells us about his trip to Contagion: Outbreak – Omaha’s Premiere Pop-Culture Expo and Convention.

Oh, and I should mention, we are much more upbeat and positive in this weeks podcast. Sorry, about last week, I don’t know what happened to our energy.

Missing Episodes From ‘Reign of Terror’ to be Animated

From The Doctor Who News Page:

2|Entertain have announced that the missing episodes four and five of the William Hartnell adventure The Reign of Terror are to be animated as part of the forthcoming DVD, which the company previously reported would provisionally be released late 2012.

The animators for the project have been named as Big Finish – long-term Doctor Who audio producers, and whose Real Time and Shada adventures were animated for the BBC Doctor Who website – and animation company Theta Sigma, whose Thetamation is described as “a totally new style of animation, a hybrid of the classic anime styles of the 80s and high-technology”.

The story is one of the remaining to have its surviving episodes released on DVD, leaving only those of the incomplete The Tenth Planet and The Ice Warriors still to be scheduled. Prior to this, The Invasion received a similar treatment in 2006 when its missing episodes one and four were re-created by award-winning animators Cosgrove Hall.

Episode 22 – The Almost Podcast

We call this week’s episode, The Almost Podcast because some listeners will hear almost all of the show before they have to wait another week to hear our review of The Almost People. That’s right, our policy here at Traveling the Vortex is, if it’s aired in the U.K., we’re going to talk about it. So please keep that in mind when listening to this week’s show.

However, there is still plenty for the North American folks to enjoy. We also review the subject of last week’s Seven Weeks for Seven Doctors, Vengeance on Varos, starring the Sixth Doctor and Peri.

Surprisingly, there was no actual feedback this week, however, we do read out a couple of comments that are in reaction to BBC America and SPACE’s decision to delay Series Six for one week for the Memorial Day holiday.

Episode 21 – Old Enough to Drink

We start this week off with a congratulations to Steven Moffat on his BAFTA win. Then reaction to North Ameican TV networks, BBC America and SPACE’s decision to delay Series Six one week for the Memorial Day holiday.

Also, your feedback, including a special poem, by one of our listeners.

We also chime in on Spoliergate, and the impact spoilers have on the enjoyment of our favorite program as well as our policy on them.

And two reviews. Up first is a review of the Fifth Doctor story, Black Orchid, followed by this weeks new Series Six episode, The Rebel Flesh.

And remember, if you subscribed to our podcast through the iTunes store, and you do not receive the show on your feed this week, you WILL need to subscribe through this site.


Flowing Along River Song’s Time Stream

In this week’s show, we discussed the Doctor and River’s timelines, and the possible inconsistencies between the two.

Keith and I mentioned that had a really cool post about a graphic that did a nice job showing the two time streams, and assumptions to it, that haven’t occurred yet in the Whoniverse.

Giving credit where credit is due, the graphic was actually made by AndorianBlues on Reddit. AndorianBlues writes, “This is my attempt to make sense of the timelines.”

Here is a link to the timeline graphic itself, and here is the link to the Reddit post, which has a thread discussing the timeline as well if you are interested.

Traveling the Vortex Bingo!

As many of you know, we joked on this week’s episode about creating a Bingo card for the listener to fill out every time we made a reoccurring statement or reference.

Well, Chrissy (author of cj’s notebook and contending #1 fan) came through for us on a card that you can play along with at home.

Just download a copy of the pdf file TTV Bingo and print it out.